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RW Final Project

The semester has drawn to a close and we’re all eagerly waiting to cram into our cars and relax in the sand. However, before that happens I want to post my final product for the RW Final Project assignment. Asked to centralize a global issue of our choosing, I addressed the issue of technology addiction. Specifically, I researched how using your cell phone while in the college classroom will end up hurting your grades. The topic is relatively new because of the past decade’s boom in technology so research was a bit more challenging, but I’ve forwarded some interesting facts. I know it’s a bit early but I figured the early bird gets the worm. Tell me what you think, hope you enjoy, and good luck on all your finals! Commence countdown to summer.

Final Project

P.S.- it’s another WordPress which means the entries are in chronological order, therefore start from the bottom and work your way upwards!


New Blog

Sorry about the gap of time in between posts, I’ve been working on creating a separate WordPress for the final project. I’ll provide a link for the finished product but for now I’ll just show a snip of my work.

So in class we’ve been experimenting with different ways to present your research including the use of video. Rachael Shapiro did a wonderful tutorial on the advantages of using iMovie. Having no experience myself, Rachael taught me the basic functions of the program. Investing time and patience, I’ve added on to the YouTube video “Professor Is Serious: No Texting in Class! Smashes Students Phone” by YouTube user TheInternetVids. At first it was purely experimental, playing around with the program, however I’ve decided to include this re-mixed video into my final project/post.

Partially sad that the amount of work I put into the video isn’t adequately displayed but this was my finished product. iMovie was difficult to work with in the beginning but I can definitely see the benefits of using the program. Hope you like the video!

Outline of Final Points

RW Project Overview

First off, a big thank you to my Professor, Jason, for introducing me to the online organization tool called bubbl.us. Normally I kick it old-school by drawing a huge web in my notebook with all different colored Sharpie’s but this program allows me to express my thoughts in a semi-organized and concrete manner. However, in relation to my final project, I’ve narrowed down my database of resources. With all types of sources, I’m pretty confident that I’ve formulated a possible hypothesis. Because this project isn’t a typical term paper rather an expression through multiple medias, my brain has been “re-wired” to think in that way. I think that’s why I turned to bubbl.us because I could picture the different points I wanted to touch on throughout my argument. The different colors in the web correspond to different types of sources/ideas.

Dark Blue– sources

Green– personal thoughts, data

Light Blue– key points

Red– overall point regarding Syracuse University

Purple– global problem

Texting While Walking by Casey Neistat


  • Found this video while on StumbleUpon, was actually procrastinating while studying for another class. Not entirely relevant to my data but I like the way Neistat incorporated several elements to display his idea. Even though there was a sarcastic undertone in a good portion of the video, his point was clear and directions were descriptive. Definitely inspiration after following today’s class of looking at ways to present our research material.

Titanic Anniversary: From the band playing on to the silence that followed